What is a
Freelance Honeymoon?

Freelance Honeymoon was a project that took us around the world for 2 years, doing freelance design work and exploring new places. We got married in June 2016 and decided to quit our jobs and travel the world. We’ve always loved traveling to new places and meeting new people. That’s when the idea for Freelance Honeymoon was born.

We took our skills on the road to work for clients back home as well as finding new clients along the way.

Originally we planned to be fone for one year but ended up turning into 2 years and counting. Since then we’ve decided to turn out Freelance Honeymoon project into a full service creative agency Creative Roam.


Lauren working from Costa Verde Hotel in Costa Rica on the deck of the cockpit cottage.


Derek crouching into position to shoot some dragonfruit smoothies before devouring them.

Freelance Honeymoon
to Creative Roam

The honeymoon had to end eventually so we decided to keep traveling and keep working. Our project transformed into a location independent micro agency. We’ve been slowly building and have turned our nomadic life into full time work.

By the Numbers

Notable Places

So What’s Next?

Not exactly sure. We like to create and we like to travel, and we’ve been doing really well at both. If you have a project that needs our skills then let’s chat! You can check out our agency and work at to see more about what we do and why.


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