Creative Roam was founded by Derek and Lauren Ambrosio. We met at Pratt Institute and have been collaborating on creative work for 10 years. We started Creative Roam to be our mobile design agency, untethered from an office and free to roam the world. We believe strongly in location independent work that gives us the ability to do our jobs no matter where we are.


Co-Founder & President

Lauren is a detail oriented designer as it applies to all types of thinking. Her training and experience lends itself to her unique sensibility with a mixture of luxury and tech that informs her thinking. Her excellence and mastery in design applies to apps and websites as it does to branding and traditional media. Her classic design style possesses a timeless elegance that brings an impressive sophistication to all she touches.

As written by her husband Derek


Co-Founder & Creative Director

Derek has always liked figuring how things work. As a wee lad he was constantly taking things apart while his inquisitive mind figured out the inner workings and mechanics of anything and everything. An art degree, way too much wikipedia, and a decade at numerous advertising agencies around New York City later, his inquisitive mind is now set to creatively devour the inner workings of businesses and understanding how they work. Using that information, he concepts and creates powerful and interesting solutions. Derek is also an avid photographer and enjoys spending his weekends flying his drone too close to trees for Lauren’s comfort.

As written by his wife Lauren