Creative Roam is hiring.
We are looking for a number of roles on a remote, freelance basis.

How does that work?

Creative Roam is a 100% location independent creative agency. That means no office, no cubicles, or strange open plan arrangement. We choose where and when we want to work and we hope you do as well.

Is this full time or part time?

This is not full time or part time really. We’re looking for freelancers or side giggers with flexible availability on a project basis. The projects vary but could be one off assignments or regular weekly work.

Open Positions

UX/UI Designer Freelance

Jr UX/UI Designer Freelance

Graphic Designer Freelance

Creative Roam Intern

Junior to Mid-Level SEO Specialist

Wordpress Developer

iOS/Android Developer

Junior to Mid-Level Copywriter/Blog Writer

Junior Social Media Manager/SEO Manager

Junior/Mid Level Art Director