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Tired of debit cards that just teach kids how to spend? So are we.




Goalsetter’s groundbreaking debit card2 automatically freezes if your kid hasn’t taken their financial literacy quiz for the week.

The minute they take it – their card unfreezes again.

Meet Goalsetter.

A holistic, education-first platform that integrates these essential components to revolutionize family finance.

Goalsetter App

A robust mobile application for efficient savings, investing, and earning.

Debit Card2

More than just a card—this is a tool for financial education that believes in 
"Learn Before You Burn”.

Engaging Financial Education

Learn the fun way with interactive quizzes and exciting videos that will turn your kids into finance wizards.

Goalsetter Gold3

Invest in ETFs and single stocks with the power of investing through fractional shares. Invest for as little as $1. Parents can approve and view their kids' investments.

91% of families say they prefer learning financial education through Goalsetter over classroom learning.

Hear what parents are saying:

Heather has been a Goalsetter customer since March 2022 and she has not received compensation of any kind in connection with her statements in this video.

Goalsetter App:
Family-Focused Financial Features

Direct Deposit
Investments by Goalsetter Gold

Not Just Another Kid's Debit Card2

The debit card with financial education attached
Weekly financial quizzes before spending is allowed
Parental Controls
Customizable Allowances
Near Real Time Money Movement
Spending notifications
Spending Controls
+ More


Financial Education finally made fun. And we guarantee your kids won't be the only ones laughing and learning.

The Benefits Speak Volumes

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Students using Goalsetter’s educational platform achieved a 83% mastery of financial concepts.
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Students using Goalsetter reported a 47% growth in financial aptitude.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It1

Recognized by Fast Company as a “Finance Brand that Matters.” 2022

FinTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Personal Finance Product.” 2022

Venture Tech 
"Best in Show" 2022

"Next Big Idea Competition" 2023

MDDC CU Association 
FinTank Winner 2023

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