Travel Tracking with Google Data Studio

We get a little crazy with data and if you’ve been anywhere near me in the last year you’ve probably heard me going on and on about Google Data Studio. I’m all for free programs and tools and this one has been a lot of fun to play with.

I took a bunch of data we had collected both intentionally and unintentionally and made a series of spreadsheets that feed into data studio and designed them into these charts and graphs.

It’s amazing to see our travels plotted out in this fashion and really helps to visualize where we’ve been and how. I really found the steps and miles interesting, especially when mapped to each location. You can get a whole story from this data of how we traveled where.

Google data studio was helpful to create the charts and visuals that we then used to help create our own infographic series as a recap of Freelance Honeymoon.

Data Sources:
Apple Health
old fashioned notepads
Lots and lots of Google Sheets

If the embed below doesn’t show up, click on the link to see the interactive report.

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