While walking around Munich, Lauren asked me if I wanted to go see some surfers. I was a bit confused since Munich is miles away from any ocean and she clarified that there would be real, bonified surfers on surfboards in the water. I couldn’t turn it down. We walked over to the Eisbachwelle on the Eisbach river, and there the surfers were. The river was moving really fast and created a nice, continuous wave that about 8-12 surfers were taking turns riding. There was a large crowd on both banks of the river and up on the bridge watching the surfers jump onto the wave with their boards and try to ride it back and forth as best as they could before wiping out. It’s a really tricky wave and not meant for beginners. As soon as the surfers would wipe out, they’d quickly be swept downstream before they bobbed above the water and dragged themselves to the riverbank. It was a lot of fun watching the surfers try and master the wave. Some were definitely more skilled than others, but all would eventually fall.

 Why the couch?

The line to ride the wave.

 Some of the more prudent surfers wore helmets.

 Can’t keep the crowds away.


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