I decided to pack a real tripod this time around instead of trying to balance my camera on a post or the ground somewhere. I finally have more control over my shots instead of relying on what’s around. I really love night photography. I fell in love with shooting in the dark with film. It was so exciting to set up my camera and open the shutter for long exposures to see what the film could capture that my eyes could not. After eagerly waiting for my film to come back, I’d finally get to see what came out and what didn’t. A lot of times I was surprised by the amped up color I hadn’t expected to capture or seeing a light trail of something that had streaked across my shot.

Shooting in digital at night is still a lot of fun for me but the waiting period has been removed for good and bad. Mostly good. I no longer have to wait for the film to process just seconds. I still eagerly wait for the camera to process after a long exposure to see what I got. I’m now able to fine tune and readjust some things I could never do in film.

Sydney Harbor provided a great place to test out my new Sony A7 II and tripod. I wasn’t disappointed with the results:

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