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We love making stuff especially useful stuff. We have created, collected, and curated a whole ton of useful resources from templates, maps and apps to useful tips and really really good cookie recipes. Some of this stuff you might find useful and want to use somehow. Check out our repository below for something that might titillate your inner travel nerd. Yes I said titillate.


Our favorite tool for exploring a city is Google My Maps. It’s incredibly useful for saving places to see grouped by different categories with your own custom descriptions. While we’re researching our next destination we start a new map for that city. As we go along we add more places we like including restaurants, landmarks, hidden gems, cheap eats, cool bars, and places to work to name a few.

You can save our map to your google drive and pull it up on your phone. Click Here for instructions on how to use the maps.

Featured Maps

Budapest Map

Our map of Budapest, Hungary, one of our most favorite cities. In addition to our normal food and landmark suggestions, this map has a comprehensive list of the famous Ruin Pubs.
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New Zealand Map

Everything you need for your epic New Zealand road trip. Bonus layer: This maps has the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit filming locations. Just watch out for Gollum lurking around Tongariro.

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Saigon/HCMC Map

So many great little places are scattered all over the city. Our map has great places to eat, snack and shop around bustling Saigon.

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Medellín Map

Our map of Medellin, Colombia packed full of great spots to eat, drink and get some culture. Medellin is an interesting city to explore and a fantastic place to live and work from.

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We’ve put together our tools in different categories for you to use. Need a good travel budget tracker? How bout the best way to score cheap flights or custom invoice tracking and templates for your clients? Check out our goodies below.

Budgets and Spreadsheets!

I bet talking about spreadsheets gets you all hot and bothered inside. No? Just me? Ok well anyway, here’s our budget template that includes handy spreadsheet templates on Google Sheets with handy pivot tables to tell you exactly how you’re spending and in what categories as well as the apps we use to keep track of everything.
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Advanced Flight Searching

Take advantage of Google software and learn to use the powerful flight matrix. Find the absolute cheapest flights by searching more dimensions than a normal flight search. Craft the perfect itinerary for the best price using a few industry tricks and smart tools. Check it out…

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Professional Invoice Templates!

Invoicing is my least favorite part of my job. It’s nice to get paid, but administrative tasks always seem to take a back seat. We use Google Sheets to generate and track our invoices for all our clients. You can download our template and start tracking and invoicing like a pro. Some people will try to sell you on expensive and clunky programs for tracking time and invoicing but at the end of the day you still have to enter your hours and generate an invoice. Our template is simple to use and only has the necessary stuff to get the job done.

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What’s in our bags? Everyone’s gear set-up is a bit different and unique to their needs and styles. What we do know that is universal: Less is more. The less junk you lug around the easier your travels will be. With that said, the last year has been a constant re-adjustment of what is essential for us and what tools do we need for work. Here are some essential items we can’t live without. Check out this article for more details about what’s in our bags.

Favorite Gadgets

Btw, these gear links are amazon affiliate links. But this is the stuff we’re actually using and actually like so if you’re gonna buy it, why not help us get some credit?

Useful Apps

Here are some of the apps we use to run our location independent busienss. There are tons out there ranging from lifesaving to absolute junk. Here are a few of our favorites. We’ll spare you the junk.

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