Make a copy of the Google Sheet first. This will be used as your data source to connect with Google Data Studio.

Personal Finance Google Sheet

Once you have made a copy, click on the link below and select “Use Template” on the upper right-hand corner.

Personal Finance Dashboard – Google Data Studio

A dialog box will appear for you to connect your data sources.

Select the first dropdown and select “Create New Data Source at the bottom.

Scroll down the page and select the Google Sheets data source. On the next screen you will have to authorize Google Data Studio to connect with your Google Drive account.

Select the “Personal Finance Dashboard” Sheet from your sheets under “Owned By Me”

Next, select Budget and make sure that both check boxes are checked (Use first rows as headers and Include hidden and filtered cells.) When you’re ready select “Connect from the upper right hand corner.

After clicking connect, click “Add To Report” on the upper right hand corner. To get the dashboard amounts to show up as currency. You can select the dropdown for the Amount and change the format type to your preferred currency.

Repeat this step to connect the rest of the data sources. You will need to connect the following data sources in this order: (If you do not follow this order you will have to connect each data source manually within the report and is a pain to do)

  1. Expenses
  2. Income
  3. Accounts
  4. Budget

After you’ve connected all of the data sources, select “Copy Report”

Congratulations you did it!

Thanks for reading. 

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