New Zealand has a lot of road signs and rightly so. Not street or navigation signs, for NZ needs none of those. The country is very easy to navigate as there aren’t many roads between places and few major highways. Instead, New Zealand has wonderful, winding and meandering, single-lane roads that connect each town. The signs that dot the roadside are mostly safety signs showing the speed limit, the appropriate speed at which to take a curve, and a ton of PSA signs. These PSA signs range from a number of your standard government issue warnings about drunk driving, tired driving and watching the road for lost livestock. But my personal favorite was a simple sign that simply said “NZ Roads Are Different” and nothing else. It only takes a short while on the pavement to understand that, yes, NZ roads are certainly different. Google maps often underestimates the time it takes to drive between two places because it doesn’t account for the reality of the roads. I was inspired by this sign to make a better visual explanation for just one of the reasons that NZ roads are different. They’re like a pile of spaghetti. They are constantly winding around hills, climbing saddles and following rivers. I felt like there were few places that had straightaways to speed down. If I go back to New Zealand, I would want to travel around the roads on motorcycle. It’s the perfect place to enjoy uncongested roads and amazing curves, not to mention the breathtaking scenery around every corner.


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