If I ever suggest doing a lengthy layover, please hit me over the head and close Priceline. It was awesome to see a new city but we were so exhausted from our red-eye flight that it made for a very tiring day. I think we’re on our seventh wind currently. I’m also trying to get to sleep before getting up at 4am for our flight to Milan. That said, Prague is a beautiful city from what we saw today. Lauren did all the research and booking for Prague, so that when we landed, the only thing I knew of the country was that they recently changed their official name from the Czech Republic to Czechia. We had just enough time to drop off our bags and meet our ancient Airbnb host who showed us around her Soviet era apartment. We took the tram up to the Old City and walked up the hill to Prague Castle. The Old City is a collection of meandering, medieval streets of cobblestone and canyon-like passageways. It was raining on and off so we got good use of our rain jackets and found our that our bags are not water resistant. Luckily there were plenty of bars along the way to duck out of the heavier rain for a beer. And by the way, the beers only cost about $2! I think our favorite part was walking the Charles bridge at sunset. After a few beers and a massive chocolate Trdelník, the daylight started to fade and so did we. It’s taking all the remaining energy I have to write this first update. I still haven’t decided how often these will come. It definitely won’t be every day or every other day so if I miss a chunk of time, nothing bad has happened to us. We are also starting a blog to collect our pictures and more stories that will expand on these updates. More to come on that.

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