It feels like forever since we started planning this project. It seems like we’ve been telling everyone for years about this crazy plan and told so many people that it’s definitely too late to turn back now. Make or break we will be gone for at least a year. While it didn’t take us much convincing to go traveling for a year, Lauren was a little hesitant to quit her job.

We are pretty nervous about embarking on this adventure. There’s so much we have yet to figure out and establish. Already Derek feel like his bag is way too heavy and he’s overpacked (he shouldn’t have packed so many party dresses). But the trade off is that there is no way we can come home from this unchanged. We are going to see such sights, learn so much, and experience so many things. We are so excited to explore the world.

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped and supported us (both physically and emotionally) on this path. We love you, and are so grateful.

We’ve purchased our adapters, booked our tickets and are on our way!
Stay tuned for more updates. We have a lot to catch up on!


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  • Capt Mike says:

    What a great Adventure ! Wishing you guys countless sunrises and sunsets,
    discoveries both Big & small, fun around every corner, and most important – memories for a lifetime and more .
    Full speed ahead.
    Much Love – Capt Mike and family

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