Posting publicly about anything personal has always gone against my very existence. However, in the interest of sharing our story and promoting our work we must let the outside in. I’m really not a fan of posting pictures of us in an exotic locations with our computers as though that’s really how we work. It’s not.

This photo is a farce. Although we did actually barter to stay here, we didn’t actually work like this. I’m so cool I can’t even look at the camera. I also don’t want to show you a picture of what us really working looks like. it’s not pretty.

The reality is closer us working day and night in a cramped apartment, still in a foreign location, but hunched over our screens instead. No one wants to see those pictures. But I’ve heard many times that the behind the scenes story is much more interesting. So in an effort to share more of that, we’ll try to write more about what we’re up to, working on and struggling with, as we continue to build a location independent agency.

In March 2018, way over a year ago, we started Creative Roam. Why did we kill Freelance Honeymoon?? Well the honeymoon couldn’t go on forever but we also didn’t want to go back to normal office life. We’ve broken ourselves in a good way and realized that we wanted to continue being location independent and build our own creative studio. It’s a scary thing going solo and building a company, but we’re taking it one thing at a time and are really enjoying the challenges.

Luckily I don’t have to do it alone and Lauren has bravely stepped into the role of creative partner. We had already decided to go rogue two years ago so why not keep going? And if being married to me wasn’t punishment enough, Lauren gleefully signed up for more to fully cement ourselves together personally and professionally. Stockholm syndrome is real people!

New logo, who dis?

So after almost 2 years of travel on our Freelance Honeymoon we are now Creative Roam. Pretty much the same shenanigans but with less travel and more work. If you’re curious about what we do please poke around our site and let us know if you find any typos. We’ll keep you posted if you care to follow along. It’s more fun to do this kind of thing with like minded people and the support of our friends and family. And if you have work for us, by all means send it our way. We thrive on referrals so spread the word.

We’ve also met a lot of amazing people along the way who are doing similar things that we can share and commiserate with. I wish more people would go independent. We find this adventure ridiculously rewarding if not a ton of work. We’re looking forward to more growing, learning and sharing.

Follow along and join the adventure.

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