Travel Infographics:
Freelance Honeymoon In Review

We collected a lot of data during our work and travels. Most of this data was collected passively through various apps. It all started when I decided to export our step counts from Apple Health. From there I plotted which steps were taken in each country to get step totals. Well the calculations kept growing from there and we pulled pieces of data from everything we could find. A lot of it came from memory but we were shocked at how much metadata our phones, computers, and apps stored that could be used to tell a story.

Google Data Studio was really helpful in compiling all the data to make some of the charts and help wrap our heads around some of the figures. You can see more of that here: Travel Tracking With Google Data Studio

We put some of the more interesting pieces together in these fun infographics that detail some of the interesting and mundane things about our Freelance Honeymoon.

We hope you enjoy.

Accommodation infographic of freelance honeymoon travel data.

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