I need to get this project off the ground but everything else keeps getting in the way. So I’m going to challenge myself to write something each week and post it. I’m no longer worried about oversharing or being chronological. I just need to get the content out and test it. 

So let’s go! 

Most likely no one will see this post anyway I hope, and organic search should drive traffic to the more relevant posts as I publish.

The idea behind this project is to create a collection of as much knowledge as possible for traveling for extended periods of time, especially freelancing and the digital nomad aspect of it. Now that people are starting to travel again, it’s high time I get this out there. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge that I had to either research myself or learn the hard way. There are many aspects of travel and relocating that will cause annoyance and trouble and if you had a handy guide, it would make things just a tiny bit easier. 

A lot of this content will probably be dry and detailed but those details are important. I may also verge into ideas and lessons around self-employment and entrepreneurship since that’s the part that gave me the freedom to work and travel. Now that many more people have remote friendly jobs, being self-employed isn’t a requirement and thus the barrier to entry is tantalizingly low. 

The title of this project for now is (Nearly) Everything You Need to Travel the World for a Year or Longer. It’s already fraught with misnomers and overstatements but essentially it’ll be all the dirty details, hacks, and tricks you’ll want to know before embarking on a long term adventure. What it’s actually like to pack up everything and go. I’ll keep the prose and flowery language to a minimum. If you want to read a feel good content about travel follow some influencers or pick up a copy of Eat Pray Love. This will be concrete info and useful tools.

If you do happen to be following along, don’t be afraid to hold me accountable if I don’t post frequently. I will definitely need the help. 

Talk to you soon!

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