One of my favorite bars in the Pula area was called Safari Bar. It’s not easy to get to – we had to not only drive a good distance out of Pula, but also pay an entrance fee for the park that the bar is located in. Well worth it, I think.

I kept finding small references to the bar when doing my research on the area, most of the time in reviews of people who had been out kayaking and exploring the many sea caves that dot the coastline. No one really explained exactly what “Safari Bar” was, I just kept reading it was a “special place” and “really interesting”. So we went to check it out.

Ladder climb

Safari Bar was part tiki hut and part playground, but also an excellent lunch spot! I was afraid that it would be a little cheesy, but I was completely smitten with it. The bar/restaurant is a series of interconnected grass huts and pathways, all located under bushes and trees. Every-which way we turned, there was a new path leading off to another set of tables. There were stone tables out in the sunlight, as well as little tucked away secluded grass covered hideaways.

We ordered a couple of sandwiches and beers and went and sat at a table. While eating we watched people of all ages playing on the fun sculptures all around us. There were swings, slides, ladders, and more. The sandwiches were delicious, but we were more excited for our after lunch activities. We had a blast playing around. My favorite was the swings. I could just get high enough to peek over the surrounding grass and see the ocean.


Swing at Safari Bar 2


Sandwiches at Safari Bar

These were amazing.

After playing around we took a walk down to the water and discovered a beautiful coastline. It was a gorgeous spot to hang around in the sun. People were lounging about, some swimming, some cliff jumping!

Mid jump!

Cliff jumping at Safari Bar

He survived! So did his friend!

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. It was a really fun afternoon. Except I don’t recommend trying to work from this bar, as there was no wifi and definitely no outlets!

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