Here’s a free tool that you can use to track your expenses. This travel expense spreadsheet will automatically populate two pivot tables to see your spending by month and country broken down into predetermined categories. It’s really simple to use and is an easy way to track your budget with a light spreadsheet.

It’s geared towards tracking expenses for travelers. The country pivot table will help you compare your travel expenses country to country and month to month. From there you can even divide the days you were in each country by the amount spent to get your average cost per day.

Easily import CSV and XLS date from your banking institutions and budget apps.

If you have any comments or suggestion comment below or drop us a line. The next step is to connect this spreadsheet with Google Data Studio to see the data in a more visual way. Stay tuned! Get the Sheet


Import your data:
On the sheet titled “Expenses”, this is where you enter your expenses. Most banks and credit cards will let you export your transactions as a CSV. Download this file periodically and paste it into the expenses sheet. This will make entering data a lot faster. You can also use apps to track your cash spending. Trail Wallet is a decent app that lets you download your data as a CSV file as well for seamless importing.

Date, Tag and Categorize:
Once you import and add your expenses to the list make sure you add a transaction date, month, country and category. This will be used by the pivot table to categorize each line item.

Set Your Budget:
You can adjust the top budget section marked in grey to set your monthly budget for each category.

Categorize and Label Everything!
The pivot table uses each label to sum and categorize your data.

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