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I was really excited to drive through the Chunnel. I had no idea what it would actually be like. Can you drive through the chunnel? How do you change what side of the road you’re supposed to drive on? It was actually a really simple and sterile experience. You get off the highway and enter a series of booths to check your ticket, go through customs and get your passport stamped. From there you wait in a line of cars waiting to board the train. You can’t actually drive through the Chunnel. Instead you’re loaded onto a train car that goes through at a high rate of speed. The train was one really long, connected train car that all of the cars had to drive through in one big conga line. Once all the cars are loaded, there are hydraulic doors to separate the train cars that fold in. The whole experience feels like you’re in a space ship. Overall I found it to be a pricey option compared to the ferries but it’s fast and we didn’t have a choice. Europcar prohibited us from taking the car onto ferries and into Eastern Europe.

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