After wandering around the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, we came to the Art Gallery of NSW. Its free to enter so there’s no reason not to go. There are a few different floors featuring Art ranging from the classical era all the way up to contemporary art. They also have a collection of Aboriginal and Asian art.

The gallery was a perfect size. Not too much and not too little. We were able to cover everything at a comfortable pace without being overloaded like visiting the MET in New York. That place could take weeks to see everything.

There was an extensive video installation starring Cate Blanchett where she played a bunch of different characters projected on multiple screens simultaneously.

My favorite piece at the gallery was a piece by Anthony McCall titled “Meeting You Halfway II” It was basically a projector in a dark room shining a circular light on the wall. At first glance it looks like someone shining a flashlight in the dark. Once you enter the room, you can see that the projector is shining light through smoke emanating from under the beam of light. It creates an entrancing effect that draws you into the room You can see the smoke where the light beam is shining. As you walk into the center of the beam and look into the light, the converging cone and smoke make you feel as if you’ve entered hyperspace. The smoke swirls around the beam of light and creates a really cool effect.

Lauren and I spend a long time in the room playing with the light and taking a lot of photos.

Lauren was shooting with the Fuji X-e2

This was shot with the Sony A7II


The end

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