“Sorry but the cave is closed today”

No trip to Split is complete without a trip to see the famed “Blue Cave,” a small cave off the side of Bisevo Island. This natural phenomenon is one of the biggest draws in the area with many tour boats rushing to ferry passengers to this literal hole in the wall. With group trips setting you back around 110EUR, and at least 3 hours, the last thing anyone wants to hear when they arrive at 7:30am is that the cave is closed.

A blue cave, also known as a “blue grotto”, happens when sunlight enters a cave and bounces off a white stone or sand and creates a glowing, dazzling, blue effect all throughout the water. There are several of these around the world, one of the most well-known of these caves is in Capri, Italy.

Unluckily for us, on our chosen day to visit the cave, mother nature decided that she wasn’t interested in tourists. When the weather isn’t cooperating, the waves end up being too high to get into the cave which has a tiny little entrance. In fact – not only was the cave closed for our trip, but it was unsafe to head anywhere along the main sea area.

Our tour was booked with a company called Waterworld Croatia, and its amazing captain Peter. Peter was upfront immediately, telling all of us we could walk away from the tour for a full refund. Turns out a few sketchy companies will wait until they collect your money and take you an hour outside of Split before they inform you they “just found out” that the cave is closed. The cave operators get the call for the day, whether the cave is open earlier than any of the tours meet.

Though our hopes and dreams of cave exploring were dashed, we ended up having the most amazing day anyway.


  • Hello says:


    I disagree. Do you know that blue cave can be open at 7:30 or 8 when they send message and the tours from Split are starting, but closed by the time you get there? Wind can shift quickly and on some days whether is pretty unpredictable.
    I feel bad you didn’t get the chance to visit blue cave, but if you are planning to visit Split sometime in future again, I will be happy to offer you this tour for free.
    Nice blog by the way.

    • Derek Ambrosio says:

      The waters can be unpredictable but we had a great day with Waterworld Croatia on an alternate itinerary that was still fun. We would love to go back and experience the blue cave one day, if we go back to Split in the future, thanks for the offer!

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